Airtel Secretly Injecting Scripts Into Their User’s Web Browser?

Indian multinational telecommunications service Airtel being accused of secretly injecting Javascripts, and iframes into the web browser in order to alter the browsing experience. 

Mr.Thejesh GN was published his findings on GitHub, the iframe tries to insert a toolbar into the browsing experience and that the parent URL of both the iframe and Javascript belongs to Bharti Airtel Bangalore.

 This injection of scripts without user consent is a highly unethical thing. According to a GitHub thread, Airtel is also inserting iframe into the browser forcibly. As reported on the GitHub Thread, the inserted iframe tries to insert a toolbar into the browsing session.

We were certainly not expecting an ISP like Airtel to come to this for collecting user data from the browser. Getting user data is like hitting a gold mine these days. Internet companies, ad companies, and intelligence agencies are willing to pay any price for getting such personal info.

If it is proved that Airtel is doing this purposely then it can soon land up in the court of law.

Airtel has already been condemned nation-wide for violating net neutrality via its Airtel Zero platform, and it certainly won’t be in the best interest of the company to do such a malicious thing.

It looks like even Vodafone has been accused of doing the same. One of our readers, Dayson Pais pointed us out on Facebook that Vodafone does this when user is connected through USB dongle. He also showed us a screenshot of the same.

Airtel company’s statement “Our customers have frequently asked us for ways of easily keeping a track of their data consumption – specifically dongle and broadband users, who unlike mobile users, cannot receive real-time alerts on their usage.”

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