NSA and GCHQ Spy Agencies Hacked Israeli Military Drones

According to former U.S. National Security Agency contractor Mr.Edward Snowden latest leaked documents shows that GCHQ and NSA spy agencies surveyed drones for military purposes from Israel. 

The American and British spying are part of regular, ongoing international espionage. The United States and Israel, although allies, regularly peek in on each other’s military projects.
The purpose of which was to predict military operations of Israel on countries like Iran, Gaza and Syria and how it can affect the Middle East in terms of stability.
The documents highlight the conflicted relationship between the United States and Israel and U.S. concerns about Israel’s potentially destabilizing actions in the region. 
The two nations are close counterterrorism partners, and have a memorandum of understanding, dating back to 2009, that allows Israel access to raw communications data collected by the NSA. Yet they are nonetheless constantly engaged in a game of spy versus spy.
The leaked photos show various types of unmanned planes and images showing drones that carry missiles. These photos were collected from 2009 to 2010. The images support report that Israel has unmanned drones that carried attacks, the Israeli government won’t admit its accountability.
According to one GCHQ presentation, technicians first collected signals from a Heron TP in February 2009. Intercepted images indicate that they also picked up video from other models and configurations of the Heron, and from the IAI Searcher drone.
Israel voiced disappointment but no great surprise at the disclosures, published by The Intercept, an online publication associated with Glenn Greenwald, who has collaborated with Snowden, and by the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel.

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