Personal Details of 2000 Expatriates Living in Southern Thailand have been Leaked

The personal details of 2000 of foreign nationals living in southern Thailand have been found freely available online. On Sunday, Former Thailand-based journalist Andrew MacGregor Marshall, now resident in Scotland, highlighted the apparent data leak via Facebook.

The web site, lacking password protection against public access displayed an interactive map of much of southern Thailand – stretching from Chumphon to Yala and Narathiwat, and including expat-favoured provinces such as Phuket and Koh Samui’s Surat Thani.

The database appeared online containing the names, addresses, professions and passport numbers of more than 2,000 foreigners living in Thailand’s southern provinces.

The leak comes as the junta-ruled nation pushes ahead with a much publicized crackdown against foreign visa overstayers and criminals, with immigration police adopting the official slogan “Good guys in, bad guys out.”

Thai Netizens, a digital advocacy group, tracked down the website’s owner, a developer called Akram Aleeming, public access to the site ceased a few hours after Marshall’s first post.

Youngcyber’s owner Akram Aleeming claimed on Facebook, in response to criticism of the apparent poor approach to data protection, that he had taken it offline at around 2am. 

He claimed that the site was an ‘internal system’ used for testing data and demonstrating the system’s functionality to immigration authorities.

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